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1. How do I play on Counter-Strike 1.6 Non-Steam online?
It's very easy! First install the Counter-Strike 1.6 No-Steam and the Patch v23 or other patch. After to install the Counter-Strike, and the Patch, opens its Counter-Strike, click in "Find Servers" and click in "Add Server", insert the server in this window(this server needs to be No-Steam), for view server list, go to the home page. After to add the server, gives two clicks in it to enter for to play.
2. How to open a server Non-Steam?
First install the Counter-Strike 1.6 Non-Steam and a Patch. In the "Valve" paste, open the file "hlds.exe", and config the Server. In "Network" select "LAN"!
3. Somebody has added my CS Server to the list. Now i want to edit it (or delete) but I can't!
Change the name of your server to "". Your server will be deleted in 5-10 minutes (of course your server has to be online). Then you will be able to add it again.
4. I cant add server! When I try to login, it returns me to the "Login Screen"! What's wrong?
CS List Server uses Cookies-Based login mechanism. Check your browser settings and enable them "cookies"!
5. I lost password to my account!
If you remember the email which you used to register here, just use "Lost password"! | NaFaixa
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